Thursday, May 24, 2018

Visit From Angel

 Way back when we started this blog, when Oob was just a baby, we had Angel living with us.  She was getting a Masters degree at the JPII Institute and needed a place to stay.

She got the Zoomlians started swing dancing, and she took Hula Girl for a boat ride.

She reminded me about the wonders of jello, and I advised her on naming her children.

She did award winning gingerbread, and she dove headfirst into the Zoomlian craziness.

She's a dear friend, and she helped me sooo much!
 And now she's married and lives in Switzerland!

And has 2 little ones of her own with a third on the way!!

So, when she was passing through the States on her way back home, we jumped at the chance to see her and her dear ones.

How adorable are her kids?!

And how great to catch up!

Here's hoping we get to see them all (and her sweet husband) more often!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Happy Birthday, Oob!

Oob is 11!

Oob actually had his birthday over several days earlier this month, but I am just catching up now!

He was off camping on his actual birthday, so we did our family celebration a few days early.

He had a Cooking Hero Factory cake with a Hero Factory power core baked inside.  Oob had planned a special prize for whomever got the core, but he ended up with it in his piece of cake!

His biggest birthday present hasn't been born yet: he's getting a cockatiel, but it's still in the egg.

11 Great things about Oob
1. He wants to see all of the birds in the world.
2. He takes me running!
2. He's a Minecraft master.
3. He is always willing to help out.
4. He's a very loving brother and son.
4. He likes to build contraptions.
5. He's a job thief!
5. He tells funny jokes.
6. He's an expert snuggler.
6. He's a Lego master builder.
7. He was a Webelo on his birthday, but now he's a Boy Scout!
8. He likes to cook.
8. He loves taking care of cute furry things.
9. He's really good at drawing complicated things.
9. He knows a LOT about birds.
10. He has an eye for detail.
11. He tells great stories.
11. He loves God very much!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Poem of the Week: Come Holy Spirit

 Come Holy Spirit

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful 
and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love.
Send forth Thy Spirit and they shall be created.
And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.
Let us pray.
O God, Who didst instruct the hearts of the faithful 
by the light of the Holy Spirit, 
grant us in the same Spirit to be truly wise, 
and ever to rejoice in His consolation.
Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Awesome History: 1973- 1981

 This was pages 308-329 in The American Story by Jennifer Armstrong: Billie Jean King (Women's Lib), Watergate, Muhammad Ali, the Edmund Fitzgerald, Mount St. Helens, Pac Man.

Our active activity was this fine baking soda and vinegar volcano. My mom grew up near (and camping on) Mount St. Helens, and I was 10 when it blew.  Ash rained down on my grandmother's house, and she mailed us some.  I went back a few years later and it looked something like this, but with more blasted tree trunks jutting from the ground like giant ribs.

 Our active activity was Pac Man tag.  If you haven't played it, it's very easy. 

You draw lines on your driveway (or use painted lines in a gym) and the Pac Man chases the other players along the lines, usually working their arms like Pac Man's mouth.

The way we played it, everyone did a fast walk, and you could not reach across lines.  If you were caught, you sat down, blocking your line.
 Our snack was goldfish crackers.  I think we were thinking of the lost ship, the Edmund Fitzgerald, and we may have been thinking it was a fishing vessel.  Actually it was the largest ship in the great lakes, and it hauled coal.

Regardless, Klenda played the song on her guitar, and then Leena played it on the piano, and my brain played it on endless loop for the rest of the day!

And we are almost done!  The last class will finish the book and we are already talking about what to do next year...

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Poem of the Week: Lilacs


By Amy Lowell
False blue,
Color of lilac,
Your great puffs of flowers
Are everywhere in this my New England.
Among your heart-shaped leaves
Orange orioles hop like music-box birds and sing
Their little weak soft songs;
In the crooks of your branches
The bright eyes of song sparrows sitting on spotted eggs
Peer restlessly through the light and shadow
Of all Springs.
Lilacs in dooryards
Holding quiet conversations with an early moon;
Lilacs watching a deserted house
Settling sideways into the grass of an old road;
Lilacs, wind-beaten, staggering under a lopsided shock of bloom
Above a cellar dug into a hill.
You are everywhere.
You were everywhere.
You tapped the window when the preacher preached his sermon,
And ran along the road beside the boy going to school.
You stood by the pasture-bars to give the cows good milking,
You persuaded the housewife that her dishpan was of silver.
And her husband an image of pure gold.

HT (and the rest of the poem): Poetry Foundation 
Images from Spring Hill Nurseries

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Art Prize!

Not only did Klenda get four works in the (juried) art show, she won a prize in the watercolor category!

The top picture with the glass is the prize winner.

She also had the portrait of Mxyl (done in coffee).

And an Ultraman, and a magazine cover (both created digitally).

There was actually a fifth work that was entirely digital that made it into the show, but that only shows up on the show's computers.

Congratulations, Klenda!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Awesome History: 1971-1972

This was pages 298-307 in The American Story by Jennifer Armstrong:Nixon and China, Bobby Fischer, and Marlon Brando.

For our art activity, we painted cherry blossoms using Sumi-e bamboo brushes.  Klenda taught this, and the paintings came out really well!

This was a reference to China and the Chinese cultural exchange opened up by "ping pong diplomacy."

 For our active activity (Bobby Fischer), we did chess.  All the older kids loved this, but we had other games available for the younger kids.

This was a plus for me, since I got to play my favorite "little kid's" game, Mystery Garden.  All of my kids have outgrown it, but our younger students were as enraptured as the Zoomlians had been.

And for our snack, we had egg rolls.

We are now in the part of history that I lived through, but before I really remember it (I was a toddler).